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Joe Has Been at EPM for How Long?

May 09, 2016

Written By:
Priscilla Hamilton

When you call EPM, you most likely will first talk with Joe.   It’s been like that for the past 15 years.
Joe has been part of the EPM family  since May 23, 2001 and has been the friendly voice that answers your calls.

We thought you would like to know more about Joe.Joe Has Been at EPM for How Long?

  • Joe was born in Denmark  and grew up in Austria.   His family moved to the US in 1994.
  • He speaks Danish, German and English.
  • He became a US Citizen in 2013.
  • His real name is Joachim (pronounced Yokim), but we call him Joe, well, because it’s just easier to say.
  • Joe is a huge UGA fan – Go Dawgs!!   He also enjoys watching soccer and basketball.
  • You will almost always find him with a “cup-of joe” on his desk.   He loves his coffee!

Happy anniversary Joe.   Here’s to 15 more years!
Leave a message below and let Joe know how much you appreciate him and the great job he does at EPM!