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At EPM, We Always Have Time For Our Customers

January 05, 2016

Written By:
Priscilla Hamilton

Car2As I think back over the last 30 years of being in the seal business, there is one seal I-™ve made that stands out the most in my mind:   a seal for an antique car.   17 years ago an elderly man walked into the shop needing an exhaust donut seal for an antique car that he was restoring.   He began to tell me the story about how since his wife had passed away two years prior he did not have the heart to work on his cars or trucks until now.   We sat for an hour looking through hundreds of photos of car after car and truck after truck that he had restored over the years before finally he asked if I could make the seal he needed.   He handed me the sample seal that he had brought with him and I took the measurements and asked a few questions.   I told him to make himself comfortable while I go make the part for him.   With a look of surprise he said, -œNOW?-   My reply-¦-Yes, Now!-   After about 10 minutes the seal was finished and I handed it to him.   He of course asked what he owed me for making this one seal that would complete his masterpiece, and my reply was -œNot a dime!-   I had enjoyed looking through his photos and talking about his life and love of restoring cars.   Here at EPM we always have time for our customers.   It does not matter if that worldwide customer needs 10,000 seals, or if it is that elderly gentleman that just needs one.


-Mike Conner