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To assist you better, make sure you provide as much of the following S.T.A.M.P.S. information in the form requested below.

S - What is the Size of the seal / gasket?

T - What is the Temperature of the product being sealed in °C or °F?

A - What is the Application action? Reciprocating? Rotary? Static? Combination What is the type of Equipment (pump, valve, mixer, etc.)?

M - What is the Media/Material to be sealed? Solvent, acid, caustic, abrasive?):

P - What is the actual operating Pressure?

S - What is the Speed in fpm or rpm?

Please include the quantity that you need.

Contact Us

Seal Emergency? Call 800-SEAL-911

Because The Seal Man is ALWAYS on the job at EPM, Inc we have an emergency phone number available to our North American customers.

Need Seals or Gaskets Fast:

- for a breakdown?

- for a tight schedule?

- for a deadline?

Should the need arise to locate seals or gaskets on the second shift, after hours, or on a holiday, we have a seal specialist on duty. To reach us simply dial 1-800-SEAL-911. You will be promptly answered by our emergency operator. To insure a prompt and accurate response, just leave all the pertinent information and a message will be immediately sent to the Seal Specialist on duty who will contact you within 59 minutes of your call. As the service leader in the seal and gasket business, you can reach us 24/7.

This is a special service offered by EPM, Inc. in the event that you have an emergency!

Please use this number only for EMERGENCY calls after hours, weekends or holidays. If this is during normal business hours please use our daytime office numbers.