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EPM Inc. Over the Years (Large Vee Packing)

June 20, 2018

Written By:
John Tomme

Vee Packing

Over the Years:
EPM is a supplier of industrial seals and gaskets to manufacturingHere at EPM we have made seals for just about everything that has fluid in it. This story is about one of those seals.

One of our customers had a large extrusion press that was in a maintenance shut down. They needed a 40- fabric and rubber stack vee packing set to finish the repair.   The maintenance supervisor called EPM to order the packing.   Then he ask if someone could come and install it.   We replied no problem we would be happy to do that.   So we cut the packing, went to the plant, and did the install.

Here at EPM we will do what it takes to meet the customer-™s needs!