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EPM Machining of Hydraulic Seals

August 22, 2014

Written By:
John Tomme

Have you ever wondered how EPM hydraulic seals are made?   Take a look at this video and  watch the  CNC machining of a hydraulic seal  at EPM, Inc.   We can make seals in a variety of shapes and sizes from  many different types  of material.   These include:   hydraulic seals, piston seals, O-rings, wipers, rod seals, guide rings, and rotary seals.   Some of the materials we have available include:   Polyuerethane, Nitrile, FPM, EPDM, Silicone and PTFE.   Our sizes range from 1/64″ to 60″ or 1mm to 1500mm.   Call EPM and let one of our Seal Specialists help you with any of your sealing needs!