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The Four Cornerstones of EPM

May 02, 2017

Written By:
Priscilla Hamilton


EPM offers our customers what we like to refer to as “The Four Cornerstones”.

1) Sizes:   We can produce seals from less than 1″ up to 60″+ or metric sizes from less than 1mm up to 1500mm and anything in between.   The makes us very versatile.

2) Material:   We offer 9 standard materials, including PTFE, FPM, polyurethane and rubber.   However, while these are standard materials, we also can provide the needs of specialized customers with distinct materials for various applications that may require a higher temperature or pressure.

3) Profiles:   EPM has more than 100 standard seal profiles which all are capable of being modified, making the seal profiles limitless.

4) Delivery Time:   EPM prides itself in out 59 minute commitment.   Customers can receive quotes in 59 minutes or less.   Once an order is placed, we work on the customer’s time table.   We can produce same-day, next-day or standard delivery, whatever the customer needs.

Contact one of our customer service representatives today and let EPM help you with your  sealing needs.